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The new B2B buyer experience report

January 3, 2019

When sales reps are solution providers, B2B buyers want to buy

B2B buying is changing, with longer paths to purchase and more complex deals.

With the help of marketing, sales reps have an opportunity to re-position themselves as important resources to help buyers overcome challenges with solutions that save time and money.

Creating better experiences is key to establishing a closer, and more trusting, relationship with your buyers. So how can marketers create the right content to accelerate the buying cycle for B2B buyers and assist sales reps to close deals faster?   

This new report features exclusive new data to help you transform your marketing and sales teams to prepare them for the new B2B buyer experience.

Download the guide to learn:

  • How B2B buying has changed and how marketers need to adapt.
  • What next-generation B2B buyers want from their sales reps when making large purchases.
  • Which marketing content matters most to your buyers.
  • Which tools can accelerate the buying decisions. 
  • The 5 most important qualities of a UK sales rep. 
  • What slows down the sales cycle and how to avoid them.
  • How to assess your current sellers and initiate changes in the sales enablement process.
The new B2B buyer experience report



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