#DearB2B: The best-promoted content beats the best content every time

Andy Crestodina, cofounder and strategic director of Orbit Media, provides tips and tricks for improving content performance

Andy Crestodina

Q: What’s one thing B2B marketers can do to their site that would boost content performance?

First, the content has to be good. That really goes without saying. But assuming that you have content that is truly relevant, truly helpful, you can boost its performance by focusing on promotion. Publishing is not enough. Every piece of content needs a plan to get some traffic.

So put on your traffic-driving gloves and try some of these:

Targeted sharing: mention people outside your network

Use Twitter Advanced Search to find relevant people with large followings who would be interested and likely to share. Mention one or two of them at the end of another tweet. If the content actually mentions, quotes or links to a social influencer, they’ll be more likely to share it.

Distant future tweets

If the post is likely to stay relevant or evergreen and is not based on timely research, ephemeral pop-culture references or changing trends, schedule a tweet promoting the post for six months or a year in the future.

Personal, manual, one-at-a-time emails

If you have a few very high-value connections, such as prospects in the pipeline, it is absolutely worth it to send each of them a personal email with the link. Few people do this. Many people should.

It's not the best content that wins. The best-promoted content wins.

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