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Why customer experience doesn't just matter to small businesses – it's everything

B2B Marketing and Earnest’s latest success pack focuses on the importance of customer experience to small businesses

Delivering a great customer experience is vital – 96% of B2B buyers said it affects whether they buy from a brand again. The good news is, when you get it right customers will spread the word for you – 83% said they’ll offer a referral. Which is no bad thing when 84% of buyers turn to their peers for advice before making a purchase. 

In this month’s Think Small, Understanding the SME buying journey highlights the tools buyers use during the awareness, research and purchase stages – and the extent to which they’re influenced by things like reviews and recommendations.

In our Small business of the month video, we meet Diane Hassall who discusses why small business owners have to be jack of all trades, and master of all.

In Are you doing enough to retain your SME customers? Rebecca Ley talks to Spotcap, Facebook and small business owner Rob Sayles about what companies can do to harness SMEs’ buying power and keep them for good.

And How to support SMEs through the purchase cycle reveals how to imporve customer experience for SMEs before, during and after they sign.

Think Small: How to market to small businesses

In this marketing success pack, B2B Marketing and Earnest offer advice, opinion and first-hand experiences of targeting and engaging small businesses owners.

Learn how to target small business owners

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