5 Marketing Deficiencies that cause a Lead Generation Collapse

We are all aware of how painstaking B2B lead generation can be, especially for small businesses who are relatively newbies in the realm of online and social media marketing. The worst thing that could happen to a marketing team is to become stagnant.

There are a lot of crucial decisions that happen within a campaign timeframe, and these decisions usually depend on the how “healthy” your marketing team is in terms of its capacity to carry out plans. When it comes down to assessing that health, there are 5 deficiencies that if not addressed may lead to a meltdown in your marketing efforts:

Budget deficiency – Obviously without sufficient monetary resources a campaign can only do so much. Most of the time, plans do not translate to reality and there are certain adjustments that need to be made during the course of a campaign. This is where budget is most crucial; you have to make sure your budget can accommodate these changes. It doesn’t have to be a huge allocation, as long as it allows for a small contingency when the need arises.

Time deficiency – There are lead generation campaigns that are well within the capabilities of the marketing team that handles it but still fail because there wasn’t enough time to reach the goal. Oftentimes, the measure of success has a time element, especially when your business thrives on seasonal marketing approaches.

Data deficiency – It’s pretty difficult for a business to go out there and take risks if they haven’t gathered enough intelligence from the community. Data is very important in calculating the possible outcomes of a marketing activity, especially in large industries. Without data, marketers would pretty much grope in the dark.

Skill deficiency – Industry practices go along with technology in moving forward, and so should businesses. Traditional marketing personnel who have failed to update themselves with new trends and tools would have a hard time in coping with revolutionary strategies. As a business, the talent pool inside the marketing department – and in all other departments for that matter – should be able to meet the expertise demand of the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Confidence deficiency – On the flip side, no amount of skill can make an impact without confidence. When your team has persistent fear of making bad decisions or taking risks, it can be as devastating as not having the budget, time, data and skill. Confidence allows people to move past their insecurities and accept the challenges of everyday work – which is a valuable trait when it comes to business matters.

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