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5 Ways to Find the Right Buyers for your ERP Software


5 Ways to Find the Right Buyers for your ERP Software

In the IT industry, when selling enterprise resource planning or ERP software, you will need to focus your time and energy on marketing your product’s features to the right people. However, attracting the right buyers poses as much a challenge as providing sales with high quality B2B leads. This is usually reflected by how difficult it is to know what buyers want.

In order to find ERP leads, you will need to understand a few simple things first before starting your IT lead generation campaign.


     1. Know what certain segments want

What do businesses want in ERP software? There’s no definite answer to that as no two businesses are alike. It depends mostly on the industry to which these companies belong. Healthcare institutions prefer a certain set of features; financial establishments on the other hand want different components for their ERP software. You will have to determine the proper segments that are sure to source value from your product.

      2. Listen to what they’re talking about

Use marketing intelligence to identify what IT buyers want the most from ERP software. The main rationale here is to equip you with crucial knowledge on current trends. You can undertake market research strategies like phone and on-site surveys to fill yourself in on what your public wants. This way, you are able to generate better strategies that can absorb more quality ERP leads.

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     3. Stay social

Social media platforms are also important for understanding potential clients. Businesses in the IT industry today are using LinkedIn Groups as a form of preliminary bridge, enabling them to engage industry players and get closer to potential sales opportunities. On the other hand, usage of B2C-inclined platforms like Facebook and Twitter (surprisingly enough) has increased among B2B suppliers in recent months as businesses are exploring better ways to use social media for lead generation.

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    4.Establish thought leadership

Share what you know about ERP software on your blog. Participate in conferences and webinars. Write for industry-related sites. If allocated the right amount of attention, these and other strategies allow for effective credibility-building and a boost in qualified traffic.

    5.Use quality prospecting and market research services

Even if you have your hands full, you can still drive the right people to your sales pipeline. You can always consider outsourcing to a lead generation company that grants global access to thousands of ERP leads.




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