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Account based marketing on a budget

Research shows that, on average, B2B companies spend 15 percent of their marketing budget on account-based marketing.  And our customers tell us that ABM outperforms their other marketing investments.

But what's the way forward if your ABM budget is limited – or even non-existent?

We take different tactics to help our customers adopt ABM, with budgets of all shapes and sizes.  Here’s a few examples:

Unlock budget from other parts for the business

Seed funding can kick start ABM and, once the results start to make an impact, other parts of the business will be more willing to chip in.  One of our large customers gets their entire ABM budget from sales.

Keep it lean

Scale your ABM activities to match your budget by adopting a ‘lean’ ABM approach.  For example, you can focus on a few, high-value customers or look for economies of scale when executing campaigns across multiple accounts.

Make it business-as-usual

Account-based marketing isn’t a one-off, big budget hit – it’s a way of life.  One of our clients allocates every single marketer, from advertising to PR, a single account.  This has not only changed the way its marketers think but also sprinkles ABM into marketing strategies – even when there is no separate budget.

Do ABM-as-a-service

This means allowing sales and marketing teams to tap into ABM resources as and when they need it.  One client we work with in EMEA has an ABM team with no fixed set of accounts – they effectively scale across global accounts to deliver the right services on demand.

There really is no one-size fits all approach to ABM.  It’s about picking off the bits that will make the most impact in your organisation, within whatever budget you have.