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The Benefits Of Adding Video To Your Website

The two main topics at the top of most marketer’s agenda this year have been mobile and video, and there is a number of reasons for this.

Not only is video a great way to engage your customers, giving them information that sometimes isn’t available through text, but it can also be an advantage when it comes to your online marketing efforts.

In fact, according to Animoto, having videos on your website can increase the chance of having a front page listing on Google by 53 times. So, not only can video help you get to the first page but it can also maintain their attention whilst on your website. Animoto also suggest that visitors will spend 2 minutes longer on a website that has videos than they would on a website that didn’t have any videos., an online video production specialist, say that every 7 in 10 people who watch a product video will view that brand in a more positive light. And, more than 50% of people say they are more confident when buying a product online if they have seen a video of that product or service.

Live video is also something worth considering too if your customers tend to ask a number of questions. say that making questions answerable in real time give your brand credibility and trust, so set up a live streaming event and invite customers to ask questions about your products or services and give them an explanation right away. This can help turn sceptical buyers into real conversions.

There is a reason that 68% of the top 50 internet retailers are using online video, and that’s because it is what the customer is looking for. They don’t want to read through 300 words of text, but they are willing to watch a 1-minute clip of the product or service in question. It’s more engaging, it’s visual and it saves time.

Video is also very sharable too, which means other companies or individuals will be more likely to share your video with their communities, helping to further enhance your company’s brand profile and credibility.

Video is something that will continue to grow for a number of years to come, and is also something more businesses should consider adding to their websites. Mobile and video are two topics on every marketers lips for a reason, because they’re changing with the way the user searches.