Should You Be an Approachable Boss?

Are you one of those employers whose employees maintain a “safe distance” from their boss? Do your employees have to think thrice before approaching you with their opinions? Do you believe in exercising power-driven authority which makes sure that your subordinates fear you? If you just nodded in agreement, you are doing it all wrong!

Becoming approachable boss

Image Credit: Flickr, Holtsman

Sorry to break it to you, but practically the boss is not always right. Any company’s success is significantly affected by the engagement, consistency and productivity of its workers. All these factors depend upon the environment, employees are working in. Researches have proven that employees who are provided with a friendly work environment managed by an approachable boss yield more than their counterparts working in a stressful atmosphere with a pretentious leader in charge. 

Gallup conducted a study regarding factors affecting employee engagement and concluded that managers account for as much as 70% of engagement shown by their employees. Significant lucrative influencers like innovation and growth depend largely on employee engagement. Managers should develop healthy relationships with their employees in order to maximize their interest and engagement in their job. According to a Gallup research conducted over 7,272 U.S. adults of the working class, every second citizen confessed that he/she has left their job just to get away from their unpleasant boss at some point in their career.

Being a leader, you should realize that your employees are those who do all of the fieldwork and are practically on the ‘frontlines” of every project. Consequently, they have a better insight of whatever is happening in your company and know more about the immediate needs of the company. So it proves to be really beneficial for both the employer and the company to encourage open discussion and consider hirelings’ verdict and suggestions before making decisions.

An employer’s approachable and open to communication persona can work wonders for any company’s productivity. Some useful tricks to be perceived as an approachable boss include a change of daily conduct. A petty gesture as a smile can prove as an invitation to open communication. The boss should be aware of what happens in the lives of his employees both during and beyond work hours. A good employer knows how to maintain a healthy balance in work environment which is simultaneously disciplined and friendly. Engaged employees need feedback of both kinds in order to improve their outcome and prove to be a productive member of the team. The boss should be able to appreciate their efforts and communicate any shortcomings without being intimidating so that they can work on their weaknesses and are eager to excel.

Maintenance of strong employee-employer relationships can prove to be the basis for any company’s ultimate eminence. Employees, who have a direct and friendly relationship with their subordinate, are more trustworthy, show higher efficiency, are more productive and create less or no conflicts. Presence of such a relationship also has proven to avoid devastating disasters, as employees feel easy to report any unfavorable happenings so that they are rectified before it’s too late.

Being encouraged, valued respected and appreciated are few of the foremost important employee aspirations that employees require from their leaders. These help employees in striving to achieve and work up to their best potentials.