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Top 5 essentials to create a effective email template

Michael Lundberg, marketing manager at Ampliz, provides five tips for creating effective email templates

There is more than one way to curate a perfect email template for your product. Below are few pointers to keep in mind while creating a highly responsive email template:

Email content

The most effective way to create an email template is to have a great email content. A perfect email content is short, crisp, and clear with non-clutter or unnecessary words. If you want to convey more than one message across to your recipients make sure you break it into series of email to avoid lengthy email and content confusion.

No long email content

Try to reduce the length of your email till you can simplify it. Arrange your email content as per the degree of importance for the same. Use attractive sub-heading, header, and bullets if required as it helps the email receiver to quickly scan through your email message and read it further if it interests them. Always keep customers in focus while writing content for an email message by either giving some incentives or informative content where subscribers can learn more. Also do not forget to hyper-link to your official site or product site with the words and phrases which you think need more insight.

Prioritize your email content for quick read

Most of the email readers spends less than 15-20 seconds to scan through any email campaign, it’s a wise decision to keep your email message organized and defined by section for a quick reading. Prioritize your email content from top to bottom as per it’s importance. Keep your email design and layout more approachable, neat and readable by Organize for quick reading.

Make room plenty of white space to keep your email content clutter free and make your content more approachable. Align your content by focusing on the main objective of sending mail and what desired action from a reader you are expecting.

Design and layout

Always keep your email design and layout fresh and unique by creating it right from the scratch. Sometimes starting from the basic features of responsive templates can lead you to curate a high conversion email template. Sometimes it's easiest to start from scratch. Make sure you select some basic template which suits your email content and business type and which would have a great appeal to your readers.

Once you get a tap on what works best for your company products and emails, you can freeze that design and layout, and save it for future. Then for all future email all you need to do is to just drag and drop to create a new email content or modify some design and then send it across to your subscribers.

Use your brand assets

Make sure that you include your company's logo or trademark at the top of the email content, so people know where it's coming from and creates brand presence. Also pick colours which your brand uses it in other forms of digital or traditional communication, this will reflect you’re the credibility of your email message. Use your company or product images with high quality which is also used by your brand uses elsewhere. 

Select fonts that are attractive, yet readable.

Make sure that you select a font which reflects and defines your company brand image and at the same time it’s legible enough without any hiccups. You can send your message across to your reader only when they able to read it properly and without any qualms. Try to select one or two colours for your email content wisely which looks neat and clear for readers to read in any electronic device.

Add background colours to header and footer to create a visual separation for the email content body.  Please see to it that you can mix maximum 2-3 font types in one email message so select, and mix wisely so that it looks readable and not clumsy. We highly recommend font text size around 14-16 px, font type that matches your message content and company brand. Popular font types are Calibri, Arial, Times Roman, Serif, Georgia, and so on.

Curate a stimulating call-to-action 

To get the maximum ROI for your email campaign it’s obvious to get maxim CTRs to your CTA. Know your target audience well, and create the most clickable CTA which stimulates your readers to take desired action.

CTAs should be short, crisp and clear, and it should compel anyone who reads to click on it and take actions like sign up, follow, register, or buy now. Your CTA must me attractive and visible for your readers to spot and click on it. , Also set the expectations right telling readers exactly what you will offer once they click on the CTAs.