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What other tech companies can learn from Apple’s drive for employee diversity

With Tim Cook and other executives behind the push, Apple is quickly becoming one of the most diverse tech giants in the country. Here are just a few reasons why other tech companies can benefit from following Apple’s workplace diversity endeavors. 

Employee Diversity at Apple 

Apple is no stranger to diversity in the workplace. In fact, Apple’s new hiring motto is "Inclusion inspires innovation." The company is living by this motto by ensuring it creates the most diverse work environment possible. According to Apple’s employee demographic data, the tech company’s workforce is 55 percent White, 15 percent Asian, 11 percent Hispanic, and 7 percent Black. 

Likewise, Apple is making gender equality in the workplace a top priority as well. The global gender breakdown for Apple is 70 percent male and 30 percent female. Tim Cook is also spreading the gender equality mindset by encouraging the worldwide tech industry to diversify and hire more women. Cook and the Apple Corporation already know how much the tech industry can benefit from workplace diversity. 

Diversity Encourages Creativity 

Just like Apple’s motto says, diversity truly encourages and inspires workplace creativity, which is crucial to the tech industry. If a tech company hires employees with the same backgrounds, educations, and experiences, the result is very single-minded ideas. Single-mindedness in the tech world also stagnates a company’s competitive edge. 

On the other hand, by diversifying backgrounds and branching out to different cultures, societies, and genders, tech companies can pool a myriad of resources. This not only encourages creativity; it inspires innovation by taking advantage of different opinions and multi-cultural mindsets. With a diverse workplace, tech companies are more likely to go in many directions with their products and services. 

An Adaptable Workforce 

The tech industry is incredibly competitive, and if tech companies in the U.S. want to keep up with global competitors, they have to adapt to different markets. Diversity in the workplace also creates a more adaptable workforce. For starters, diversity increases the tech industry’s multi-lingual abilities, which is a huge benefit on the global market. 

In addition, workplace diversity gives tech companies the ability to branch out to global markets they would otherwise overlook. With people from different countries and backgrounds on staff, companies can better communicate and identify with a vast array of markets. This kind of adaptability gives tech companies more business opportunities in this country and abroad. 

Increased Productivity 

Apple knows that productivity keeps a company on the cutting edge of design and innovation. From the first iPod to the new iPhone from Apple, everyone’s favorite tech giant keeps coming out with sleek, intuitive updates for their products. Features such as larger screens, HD display, and 4G LTE capabilities that allow users to browse the web at lightning fast speeds with a reliable network keep consumers interested in Apple products. Increased productivity is yet another benefit of workplace diversity and Apple is already ahead of the curve. 

For other tech companies, diversity can bring different solutions to the same problem. With people from different backgrounds and qualifications working toward the same objective, projects are completed faster and with more vigor. Diversity is all about bringing new ideas to the table, and new ideas always keep workplace momentum moving in a productive direction. 

Improved Customer Relations 

When customers can easily relate to a company, it strengthens relationships. Apple knows their consumer base is global and, with a diverse workforce, Apple can better relate to the customers they serve. With employees from different races, ethnicities, and genders, tech companies can more accurately cater to the growing diversity within their consumer bases. 

Customer relations are a daily encounter for tech companies of all kinds. Whether it’s online support, fielding phone calls or responding to customer concerns during online chats, employees from different backgrounds have an easier time relating to a diverse consumer base. This is especially the case for tech companies that serve international clients. 

Access to More Qualified Candidates 

The key to any business’s success is finding the most qualified talent possible. By increasing its recruiting outreach, Apple has some of the most talented tech geniuses in the world on staff. Other tech companies can do the same by encouraging diversity in the workplace. 

Tech companies are expanding their hiring pools by welcoming candidates from different ethnicities and backgrounds to apply. With a wider range of talent to choose from, hiring managers have more options and more qualified candidates to consider. Inclusive hiring practices not only give tech companies more hiring options, but it also encourages a wider array of applicants to apply to positions they would other overlook. 

A Decrease in Employee Turnover 

Another reason tech companies should take a cue from Apple’s push for diversity is to decrease employee turnover rates. When employees feel like they don’t fit in the working environment, they become dissatisfied with their jobs and their potential within the company and ultimately decide to leave. 

Likewise, when employees from different backgrounds and cultures are part of a staff that’s predominantly one type, they fear there is no room to grow. This can create resentment, which leads to turnover as well.  However, by fostering workplace diversity, tech companies can make employees of all cultures feel at home. When employees feel like they’re part of the team, it increases retention and saves thousands in recruiting, hiring, and training costs. 

Economic Growth 

An overarching advantage of workplace diversity is the fact it promotes economic growth. Growth and economic recovery are good news for Apple, other tech companies, and businesses all across the country. When industries diversify their workforces, it creates employment opportunities for a larger number of candidates. 

The United States is more of a melting pot than ever before, which is a great opportunity for tech companies and businesses of all kinds. Companies that make it a point to hire diverse candidates are helping to decrease the country’s unemployment rate. As a result, when more Americans have jobs, it increases and strengthens the economy. 

As Apple continues to encourage diversity in the workplace, it’s safe to assume other tech companies will begin to follow suit.

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