65% of decision-makers outside of IT influence tech spend

Some 65% of decision-makers outside of the IT department are helping determine their organisation’s need for technology, according to a new IDG report.

The report – which identifies this group as ‘tech-involved line of business (LOB) decision-makers’ – also found that 57% go as far as to select vendors for technology purchases.

Departments wielding critical influence over IT investments in this way are operations (28%), administration (19%), accounting and finance (16%), sales (11%), and marketing (8%)

Some 69% of ‘tech-involved LOB’ figures view IT as a source for solutions and 57% view it as a strategic partner, suggesting that marketers should target both for incremental effect.

“The integration of technology solutions across the enterprise has increased the number of stakeholders involved in the buyer’s journey,” said Josh London, CMO of IDG.

“Bridging the gap between IT and tech-involved LOB decision-makers through smart, strategic marketing and determining a tailored content marketing approach across regions, enables marketers to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns by including both audiences.”