Major challenges facing B2B marketers in 2016

The top 10 challenges facing B2B marketing in 2016 have been revealed in a Fox Agency report.

The report was produced using interviews with key industry marketers and brands as they discussed how major marketing trends will affect the B2B industry this year.

According to the study, the top 10 challenges B2B marketers will face in 2016 are as follows:

  • How to understand and use context in content marketing.
  • Creating videos that make an impact on the video driven web.
  • Marketing to a mobile first audience.
  • Changing sales tactics for an audience that is already 85 per cent through the sales journey.
  • Humanising marketing messages, ditching the jargon.
  • Making the most of micro-moments, as people glance at the web.
  • Using influencers for successful campaigns.
  • Reaching people who are opting out of marketing, thanks to ad-blocking.
  • Optimising email marketing after it went out of fashion in favour of social.
  • Big data, everyone talks about it but no one really understands it.

Ben Fox, director and co-Founder of Fox Agency said: “Every marketer in the B2B space will face at least one of these challenges in 2016. We spoke to numerous industry experts, clients and influencers to develop the report, and discovered that they all had concerns in at least one area, especially around upskilling teams.

"The challenges identified in the report highlight the need for developing better in-house skills. For example, social media resulted in a big pivot for online marketers, who in turn stopped building skills in email marketing. Now that email is seeing a resurgence, B2B marketers are finding a need to re-train in a space they were once expert in."