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NEWS: Case studies revealed as most effective content format

Case studies are the most effective content format, B2B Marketing’s new Content Marketing Benchmarking Report has shown.

Sixty-six per cent of the 112 B2B marketers surveyed said case studies were ‘very effective’, while 32 per cent said they were ‘quite effective’. In second place is video, with 57 per cent of respondents believing this type of content to be ‘very effective’, followed by whitepapers (48 per cent) and infographics (45 per cent).

However – despite the effectiveness of case studies – blog posts are the most popular content type, with 66 per cent of the marketers surveyed frequently posting blogs. Meanwhile, podcasts are the most unpopular content type, with 87 per cent of marketers rarely or never using them in their campaigns.

The research also revealed that nine in 10 companies are repurposing existing content. Yet, just 10 per cent stated that they ‘always’ repurpose their content to make the most out of their marketing efforts and ensure cut-through.

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