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RESEARCH NEWS: Half of business decisions are made outside the office

Marketers should be using techniques to reach people outside of the office as over half of business decisions are made at home.

Global agency Gyro and Forbes produced a survey looking at business activity outside of office hours. It revealed 97 per cent of the UK business community send work-related emails outside of traditional hours and 49 per cent of respondents cite personal values as an influence in their decision-making.

The survey also revealed the negative way in which the ‘always on’ approach is looked at could be a myth. Over half (52 per cent) of respondents would step away from a family occasion to deal with a business issue, and 84 per cent felt better prepared and empowered to make commercial business decisions due to a constant stream of information.

Christoph Becker, Gyro global chief executive and creative officer, said, “Our research challenges the perception that people are unable to juggle busy working lives with personal time. In fact UK decision makers are blending work and personal time effectively to make better business decisions, free from the shackles of the ticking clock.”