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Evolve and scale: How to transition your ABM strategy from silo to your #1 route to revenue

Roundtable invitation:

  • Date: Wednesday 24th July 2024.
  • Time: 8:45am – 10:30am BST.
  • Location: Chancery Lane, London

Each year, the effectiveness of account-based marketing (ABM) becomes increasingly difficult to deny. The personalised, right-time-right-place approach means that marketing communications aren’t lost in a sea of online noise, but cut through to the decision-makers that matter to you. The result? Less wasted time, and greater return on investment.

So, why does ABM so often become a bolt-on marketing strategy – a strategy retained for one or two strategic accounts? Of course, time and money are obstacles, and they always will be, but with over two decades of experience and new technologies entering the fray, B2B marketers now have a golden opportunity to elevate their ABM from just a ‘marketing’ strategy, and into a complete business go-to-market strategy. This is great for business, but also an opportunity for marketing leaders to prove their commercial value and advance their careers.

With that in mind, this roundtable is your opportunity to meet with fellow B2B marketing leaders to:

  1. Learn how your fellow marketing leaders are running their own ABM strategies, and what’s working well (or not working well) for them.
  2. Have an open and honest discussion around the challenges of scaling ABM, and understand how your peers are tackling them.
  3. Learn how we can work with the C-suite to help elevate ABM into a complete go-to-market strategy.

This roundtable is a must for any marketing leader looking to grow their ABM strategy, prove the value they deliver, and play a greater role in their business’ overall commercial strategy. 

Register your interest to attend the upcoming roundtable.

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David Rowlands

Head of Content, B2B Marketing

Having learnt my trade as the Editor of a print magazine for the liquefied natural gas industry, I moved to B2B Marketing in 2020, gradually making my way to Head of Content. In addition to the classic writing and editing you might expect from someone in my position, I am also a host, having chaired webinars with agencies and vendors, roundtables with leading c-suite B2B marketers, The B2B Marketing Podcast, and even the digital versions of our various conferences in the UK and US.


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