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Checking generative AI content: The AI 2 Framework

According to McKinsey, writing first drafts is now the most popular corporate use for generative AI. But while LLM tools are improving fast, there are some key weaknesses you need to watch out for if you’re using it to create B2B content.

Developed by David McGuire of Windhover B2B, the AI2 Framework is a mnemonic to help you focus on the key areas where AI-assisted content is most likely to fall short – so you can intervene manually, or adjust your workflow as appropriate. 

When reviewing the content, ask if it is…


Remember, AI hallucinations look genuine, so fact-checking is key. Also, remember many AI models aren’t great at counting or meeting technical requirements.


A Large Language Model is just statistical analysis of content that already exists – so it’s inherently uncreative. Any true originality needs to come from you and the way you use it.   


Much AI writing is still pretty clunky and easy to spot, so look out for your brand’s voice and tone. Also, think about your audience: does the content fit what they know, care about, and need?


By definition, any information in the AI’s latent space is accessible to everyone. To offer your reader any unique value, your content needs a human’s thinking, expertise, or point of view. 

Accurate x Inventive x Appropriate x Invaluable = AI2

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