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Expandi Acquires ABM platform Jabmo

ABM marketing business acquisitions

Elevating B2B MarTech with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Expandi Group, the powerhouse in EMEA’s B2B MarTech and AdTech realm, proudly announces its latest feat – the acquisition of Jabmo, a leading B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform. This strategic move encompasses not only the platform but also all associated marketing assets, including the illustrious Jabmo brand.

Robert Norum, our ABM & Demand Strategy Expert, mentions: “the continuing consolidation in the ABM technology space can only be good news for the market as the major players build out their existing platforms to better serve the needs of customers by providing integrated solutions to automate sales and marketing insight, targeting and delivery processes.”

Jabmo, with its footprint across Europe and the United States, has been the driving force behind the ABM strategies of over 50 global giants in manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare. Earning accolades for excellence, Jabmo secured its place as one of Gartner®’s top nine ABM platform providers in their 2022 Magic Quadrant™.

In a pivotal moment, Jabmo faced financial hurdles in February 2023, ultimately leading to administration. Enter Expandi , which promptly seized the opportunity to acquire Jabmo’s assets, cementing their ownership of the coveted Jabmo brand. The platform’s capabilities have since been seamlessly integrated into Expandi’s MarTech arsenal.

Raffaele Apostoliti, CEO at Expandi, says: “With this acquisition, Expandi stands as the unparalleled provider of comprehensive B2B AdTech and MarTech solutions, designed by Europeans for European markets. Our investment in Jabmo underscores our steadfast commitment to delivering unique technology platforms, perfectly aligned with the nuances of European markets, from navigating privacy regulations to addressing multilingualism and local marketing practices.”

The reimagined Jabmo ABM platform now boasts an even more formidable set of features. It marries the best of the original tool, featuring seamless integration with major social media platforms, CRM systems, and Marketing Automation systems, with Expandi’s trailblazing innovations.

This includes the robust Cyance platform for third and first-party intent-data analytics and the game-changing Account-Based Advertising platform, underpinned by a unique IP address database from AccountInsight. Clients and partner agencies are in for a treat as they gain access to enhanced visibility and insights across B2B markets. Moreover, they will harness the power to optimise ABM strategies, supercharging overall return on investment (ROI) by zeroing in on companies with the highest conversion potential.

Come Q4 2023, fueled by Jabmo’s well-established US network and fortified by Expandi’s data prowess spanning multiple markets, the Group sets its sights on conquering key markets in Asia Pacific (APAC) and North America.

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