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Insight-powered sales aims to bridge the B2B revenue chasm

FT Longitude and CogniClick have joined forces to enhance the commercial effectiveness of thought leadership, which is becoming increasingly essential for B2B brands in a competitive media environment.

In light of this, B2B Marketing are delighted to invite you to take part in this industry-first study. Kicking off with this short survey will enable you to dive deeper with us into the link between thought leadership, sales enablement, and ultimately commercial success:

• Answer 10 quick questions

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Thought leadership has proven to be pivotal in key B2B sectors as a means of differentiating brands and building awareness in an environment characterised by growing marketing ‘noise’.

But data from the entries to the B2B Marketing Awards 2023 demonstrates that only 10% of thought leadership programmes are clearly aligned with sales and can demonstrate how they facilitate sales enablement. This means many B2B brands investing in thought leadership are missing revenue opportunities and wasting precious effort and marketing resource by failing to link it with sales.

Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief and co-founder of B2B Marketing comments:

“Entries to the B2B Marketing Awards demonstrate how critical thought leadership is to high-performing marketing campaigns. But aligning thought leadership with sales enablement is what makes a campaign really fly. It’s what propels excellent campaigns to truly outstanding ones. Simply not enough companies focus on ensuring these parts of their campaign are tightly joined up.”

“We’ve seen time and time again that there’s a clear and obvious disconnect between thought leadership and sales enablement,” says Rob Mitchell, CEO of FT Longitude, “and that means B2B brands are likely to be leaving revenue on the table. Given the significant sums typically invested in thought leadership, and the fact that sales revenue is precious, this is a massive own goal.”

Insight for Sales is a pioneering solution created in partnership between FT Longitude and CogniClick to help brands overcome this challenge. Developed by renowned experts in thought leadership and sales enablement respectively, Insight for Sales helps marketing and sales teams to dramatically increase the impact of their thought leadership programmes in the sales conversion process through the application of intelligent technical tools that power a smarter conversation.

For more information contact us or email [email protected]

About FT Longitude

At FT Longitude, we harness the power of insightful intelligence to leave a lasting influence on the world of business. With a focus on pioneering strategies in thought leadership, we create high-impact campaigns that transform perceptions. We craft executive insights with the power to engage key decision-makers, and through creative storytelling, we imprint brands with unforgettable messages that resonate.

About CogniClick

For over a decade CogniClick have been developing sales enablement tools and programmes for B2B companies. Transforming knowledge, data and insights into dynamic and interactive tools which power commercial conversations and convert deals.

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