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The Great ABM Debate: Will ABM marketers become the GTM leaders of tomorrow?

This webinar will explore the wider value and vital contribution of ABM in B2B Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy and execution. Using the power of debate, it will demonstrate the power of Sales & Marketing working in partnership and the impact of a strong, well-executed ABM strategy.

As we know, aligning Sales and Marketing has historically been one of the biggest challenges in B2B. However today, there’s a broad movement – especially in the technology industry – around GTM and the alignment it brings across Customer Success, Product, Sales, and Marketing.

ABM has long proven to be an effective way to bridge the divide between the two functions thanks to the shared goals and responsibilities around a set of named accounts. This has allowed ABM leaders to address historical issues and behaviours that might be standing in the way of greater performance – demonstrating the organisational benefits of more aligned customer-facing remits.

So, where do ABM marketers stand in today’s GTM landscape? Join us as we cover:

  • Is the soft success of ABM – e.g., the alignment of Sales and Marketing – and the broader benefits it brings underrated or undervalued in most organisations?
  • Using the platform of improved Sales and Marketing alignment, will businesses be in a better position to deliver against the need for true GTM alignment across product, customer success teams?
  • We’ve historically had the Brand and Data marketer become the CMO. Will we see the ABM marketer become the CMO who truly affects GTM alignment?
  • Does working in, and championing, ABM increase your chances of gaining a board seat? How can you be board-ready?

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