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10 best practices for sales and marketing alignment

If sales goes left and marketing goes right, your company goes nowhere. Don’t let that happen.

Sales and marketing work best when they work together.

Aligning them can help you achieve an average of 20% growth in annual revenue or a 36% increase in customer retention rates and a 38% increase in sales win rates.  These are just some of the many benefits that come along with well-aligned sales and marketing teams.

The business case for sales and marketing alignment goes even further than this. Not only are internally aligned organizations more profitable and efficient, they also provide a better workflow for employees.

Download this guide and learn how to: 

  • Consistently grow annual revenue
  • Improve customer retention rates
  • Get executive support to make changes
  • Coordinate content creation and campaigns between teams
  • Boost sales win rates
  • Enable sales and marketing teams through automation

Aligning sales and marketing can help you achieve an average of 20% growth in annual revenue.

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