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7 Essentials for ABM

MOI experts simplify ABM and share their 7 essentials for running a successful campaign. 

ABM is one of the hottest marketing strategies in B2B today. Every marketer knows it’s the ticket to business growth, but many still don’t know what it really means and how it can drive a successful marketing strategy.  

This practical guide starts with the basics. It defines ABM, why you need it, and shares MOI’s 7 essentials for you to kick-start successful campaigns.  

Inside the eBook you’ll learn:  

  • What ABM is and why you need it  
  • How to select and segment your accounts, and identify and understand key stakeholders within those accounts  
  • Steps to creating personalised experiences that cut through  
  • How to orchestrate your channels for successful ABM campaigns  
  • Considerations when analysing the results: measuring the metrics  

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