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Buying Group Marketing: Take Your Strategy to the Next Level

The growing popularity of ABM has certainly been a breath of fresh air in the marketing world, as the old spray-and-pray approach goes out the window in favour of a more targeted, precise approach. But just because ABM works in its current format, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for further evolution.

Enter, Buying Group Marketing (BGM). This new approach to marketing doesn’t throw ABM out of the window, but tightens the screws, and narrows the focus even more, making your ABM efforts even more focused on the people you want to reach – the buying group.

This report introduces the concept of BGM, explaining what it is in detail, how it works, the benefits it can deliver for your organisation, and the argument for and against it.

In order to build this report, we spoke with senior marketing leaders at Tipalti, NVIDIA, Radiate B2B, B2B Fusion and Influ2. To learn more, download the report now.

“BGM is not for everybody. It’s for companies who already use ABM in the way it was designed. If you currently employ ABM and want to get more out of it, take a fresh look at how you might make your move to BGM, and watch how this evolutionary upgrade can help your business seal more deals faster.”

Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and co-founder at Influ2

B2B Marketing report - Buying Group Marketing

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