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B2B Marketing UK Salary Survey 2019

What is the average salary for a B2B marketer? Are marketing salaries higher in agencies or in client-side roles? What salary should you ask for at a job interview?

Download this free report to find out how your salary compares to benchmarks covering seniority, location, sector and specialism.

B2B marketing salaries continue to rocket, and for the first time in three years a majority of B2B marketers feel they’re being paid what they deserve.

However, while the continued increase in wages is good news for staff, there are questions for organisations with regard to how sustainable this rapid growth is.

That’s the conclusion from our fourth annual study of remuneration in the industry. Amid this good news, the results of this year’s study raises some troublesome longterm questions.

  • Why is the gender pay gap in B2B marketing getting worse?
  • Is London’s dominance harming the competitiveness of the rest of the UK?
  • Are organisations too complacent in their failure to offer staff sufficient training?

Find answers to all these questions inside the report, plus for the first time we feature an overview and analysis of the state of the recruitment market, including:

  • Where the majority of roles are to be found.
  • The type of organisations recruiting.
  • The typical salaries on offer.
B2B Marketing UK Salary Survey 2019 inside

“The lack of training marketers receive is a ticking time bomb that organisations need to address immediately”

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