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Building an authentic brand: Defining the building blocks for brand success

Over the course of the few years, it appears brand has had something of a resurgence when it comes to focus among marketers. But brand is more than a logo and a strapline – it’s the way your entire company is perceived by your audience.

We spoke to 10 senior marketers (ranging from Deloitte, through to B2B tech companies) to learn more about what brand authenticity is, why it’s important, and how you can build a truly authentic brand. The full report only available to Propolis members, but you can download this ‘highlights’ report now, to get a taster.

Propolis members can access the full report, which helps them to learn more about:

  • Does building an authentic brand mean a clash between commercial and altruistic imperatives?
  • Has brand authenticity become more important because of Covid?
  • What exactly makes your brand authentic, and what should you look out for?
  • The precise steps B2B marketers should be taking to develop a mature brand and content strategy.
  • Sue Mizera’s thoughts on what the optimal mix between brand work and lead gen should look like, and the link between brand and content strategy.

Want access to the full report?

Propolis members get access to the full report, which includes loads more actionable insight from leading marketers and our Hive ambassadors and experts. – Check out Propolis now

“We have a new movement across the organisation in relation to culture, which encourages the redefinition of our core values as a business and how we are authentic in everything we do. Within marketing, a big focus for us currently is our consistency in message and getting this right – so much so that we are investing in a new global marketing centre of excellence solely focused on content marketing to do this.”

Catherine Dutton, global CMO, Atos

B2B Marketing report - Building an authentic brand

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