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Deal-based Marketing Course Guide

This course provides a practical overview of deal-based or pursuit marketing and how to implement it successfully from practitioners who have helped their companies to compete and win. You’ll learn:

  • Map out the structure and phases of strategic deals.
  • Build account and deal insight for strategic sales opportunities.
  • Foster buy-in and onboard stakeholders / key partners to support the pursuit.
  • Create the win theme and pursuit messaging.
  • Develop a pursuit marketing and communications plan using the right tools and tactics for your pursuit.
  • Measure the success of your tactics, adapt your approach, and avoid/overcome common DBM pitfalls.

Led by two ABM experts including Dorothea Gosling from Inflexion Group, this course is developed for marketers who are already practicing ABM and want to expand their skill set to DBM, closely collaborating on strategic sales opportunities with senior sellers to increase their company’s propensity to win large deals.

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