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Disintermediation and digitisation in the B2B marketplace

Recognition of the challenge of digitisation is a first step for leaders. The next step is to develop a digital strategy that responds to these challenges.

As high streets up and down the country all too visibly demonstrate, the way we buy things is changing. Digital transformation is revolutionising consumption patterns: how should B2B businesses react?

The momentum of digital is often underestimated. But an Intershop survey found that 40% of respondents claim digitisation has completely changed their organisation’s business model, with a further 48% saying it has made at least some change (Intershop, 2016).

This paper produced in conjunction with Keele University talks about the changing landscape in the B2B world brought about by digitisation.

Backed up with full academic research papers it outlines:

  • Digitisation’s potential impact on intermediaries.
  • The potential of digital to help manufacturers to move down a vertical marketplace.
  • The potential gains of being an early adopter – especially in digitisation of sales and marketing.
  • Routes you can take now to develop strategies in an evolving digital world.
  • Lots of evidence for reluctant senior management.

By digitising, businesses can reduce costs and improve the reach and quality of their offerings.

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Lesniak Swann

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