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How group dynamics impact B2B decisions

What influences decision-makers when making B2B purchases?

Influencing one person is difficult, let alone the five-plus individuals responsible for selecting suppliers. 

B2B Marketing, in conjunction with gyro, set out to find the truths about today’s group dynamics, and the role that feelings play during these high-risk, high-cost, career-defining moments.

Here’s what we found:

  • Before the group gathers, most have a preference as to whom they would like to select. 
  • They have spent a significant amount of time and energy reviewing the potential partner’s content, communications and culture.
  • Once the group is assembled, the ultimate decision is often driven by a senior executive who serves as the brand champion for the winning vendor. This key player is the ultimate target of the B2B marketer.

Download this free, 13-page report to learn:

  • Which drivers marketers must embrace to influence the group, and the all-important brand champion.
  • The mistakes marketers must avoid to bring the group to a positive consensus.
  • What groups really want to feel from their prospective vendors.
  • The role purpose, values and culture have on group decisions.

‘There needs to be a feeling of intimacy that exists. Igniting emotions is what ignites business decisions.’

Christoph Becker, global CEO and CCO, gyro

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