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How to be a great marketer in a partner-led organisation

Download this free guide to learn how to navigate the unique challenges of working as a marketer in a partnership business

In a traditional corporate structure you might have just one or two bosses to satisfy. In a partner-led organisation, such as a professional services or law firm, you could have hundreds.

We spoke with senior marketers from a number of partner-led organisations to find out how marketers can navigate this complex web – and to satisfy the partners’ needs, client’s demands and business’ goals.

This free 16-page report will tell you:

  • What’s different about the role of marketing in a partner-centric business versus a traditional corporate?
  • How to identify the partners you must work with to achieve your goals.
  • The essential attributes and skills you need to succeed in a partner-led structure.
How to be a great marketer in a partner-led organisation

“I don’t think any modern partnership believes the old model is the best use of a partner’s time. Partnerships are hungry to get support in place so the lawyers, accountants or architects can really focus on the things they do best”

Alessandra Almeida Jones, head of marketing and communications, Baker McKenzie

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