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How to break down data silos and become the data-driven marketer you need to be

Every year, marketers have more data at their disposal, but what good is that if you can’t access, connect and understand it in any meaningful way? With this core issue in mind, we spoke to several senior marketers to understand the barriers to becoming data-driven and, more importantly, how to overcome these barriers.

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  • Four reasons B2B marketers are failing to realise their data-driven dreams.
  • Product usage data and subscription models: a help or a hindrance?
  • Smashing down data silos once and for all
  • Bringing IT and marketing together
  • Three ways cloud data will propel marketing to the next level
  • Cloud-based martech: the centrepiece of the modern marketing tech stack

“The data cloud’s technology further allows marketers to unify and augment data sets across channels to understand patterns in their data,” he says. “That, ultimately, helps to better segment customer into more homogenous groups, whether it’s within one account or across different accounts and/or industries.”

Steffen Drucks, global head of marketing operations & data analytics, Atos

B2B Marketing report - How to break down data silos

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