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How to measure and monitor customer experience

Download this free, practical guide to discover how to track CX efforts within your organisation – and how to improve it.

B2B Marketing research found two-thirds of marketers intend to place more emphasis on CX in the next 12 months, and more than a quarter say it will be their highest priority in the year ahead.

But our survey also exposed the lack of understanding and focus on CX that exists in many B2B organisations, with most reporting it as siloed, or even non-existent. 

B2B marketers are left with a stark choice. You can either attempt to deliver a great customer experience – or you can just let the experience happen to your customers.

We’ve collated advice from the CX experts and leaders to tell you:

  • How to understand the current CX efforts in your organisation
  • Who should take responsibility for CX.
  • The best ways to drive a CX strategy.
  • How to bring together customer data and feedback.
  • The different measurement methods for tracking CX, and which metrics can be used to drive performance.
  • The factor that unites successful customer experience leaders
  • Why dismantling silos is so important for managing CX, and how to start breaking them down.
  • Net promoter score vs Customer Health Index – how to measure the impact of your CX on your customers
  • The key to demonstrating ROI for your CX programme
How to measure and monitor customer experience

“There’s a sense in most organisations now we should ‘do’ customer experience. It’s been a hot topic for ages. Lots of big talk, but in many cases, limited action”

Claire Sporton, SVP CX innovation, Confirmit

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