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Level Up, Scale Up

5 of the biggest challenges scale-ups face when it comes to their brand, proposition and digital experience.

You kicked off as a start-up. You spent half your time finding seed funding. You’ve been going at it for years. The odds were stacked against you. But here you are now, still standing and stronger than ever.

Enter the scale-up stage.

But what does that mean for your digital experience?

Having worked with a number of B2B tech scale-ups, Tangent have identified 4 reasons why scale-ups need to reimagine their digital experience:

  1. You’re looking for new investment
  2. You’ve just raised investment
  3. You want to appeal to a new audience, including enterprises
  4. You need to recruit talent in a competitive market

Read this guide to learn:

  • The digital challenges scale ups face.
  • Real case studies with real results.
  • Recommended reading.

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