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Putting a stop to fake reviews

Social proof in the form of customer reviews is gold dust for your brand. But fakers are taking the shine off.

With concern about fake reviews on the rise (89% of people are worried about fake reviews), we asked 2,000 shoppers what they thought about one of the biggest issues currently impacting consumer confidence. 

We discovered that shoppers genuinely worried about authenticity but were also savvy to the ways in which verified reviews are helping fight back against the fakes – helping shoppers make better buying decision with confidence.

For a taste of what we found, our latest infographic looks at understanding what your customers trust and what they don’t and what you can do in order to influence that.

Download the infogrpahic now to understand:

  • The impact of fake reviews on customer trust.
  • Key factors that influence customer trust.
  • Actions to take to build trust in your reviews.

To download the infographic, scroll down and click the ‘Download now’ button on the right.

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