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The 2022 Trend Tracker

Each year, we ask client-side and agency-side marketers what they’re focused on for the year ahead. The results indicate the areas that are set to dominate marketers’ thinking, and those that are perhaps starting to lose share of attention.

Download the 2022 Trend Tracker now to see where your agency-side or client-side peers and competition stand, and how you compare.

“The most striking takeaway, however, remains the fact that marketers appear to be less focused on nearly all trends. But fear not. It’s highly unlikely that marketers will be resting on their laurels this year. Quite the opposite. The data most likely suggests that marketers are now focusing on so many different areas that they can’t afford to give any one area all of their attention.”

David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Trend Tracker 2022

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