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The B2B marketers’ guide to tracking and proving ROI

How much of your business revenue can you reliably attribute to your marketing?

Do you know the ROI from your content marketing budget? Or which social media channel is your most effective? Or the value your lead nurturing spend delivers to sales revenue?

This guide will give you the much-needed insight to answer all these ROI questions and more.

Taking a step-by-step and 100% customer-centric approach, it will show you how to:

  • Identify the most effective channel mix in your multi-channel marketing.
  • Understand where to invest your paid media budget.
  • Identify your best revenue-generating campaigns and messaging.
  • Demonstrate and prove the value of your marketing investment and effort.
  • Get the ROI data you need for winning more marketing budget.


Chances are that half your marketing spend is wasted. But which half?

Don’t miss your free copy of this 22-page guide for the framework you need to track, measure and act on the ROI of your marketing spend. You’ll gain a practical understanding of:

B2B Marketers ROI Guide
  • The crucial role that customer journey mapping plays in ROI tracking – and how to map it.
  • The role of macro and micro conversions in your attribution tracking.
  • Why vanity metrics are your worst enemy in ROI reporting.
  • First-touch, last-touch and multi-touch tracking – which approach to take and when.
  • How to show the contribution of your marketing activity to customer advocacy.
  • How to use ROI tracking to optimise the single most effective tactic in your playbook – testing.

Download your free copy for a whole host of practical tools and checklists, including:

  • An at-a-glance guide to 25 social media tracking tools.
  • A checklist of key ROI metrics and reports for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • A Google Analytics toolkit, with links to 14 essential custom reports.
  • A marketing analytics app comparison table.

“81% of marketers would increase spend on digital, mobile and social channels if they could better track ROI.”


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