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The Current State & Future of B2B Influencer Marketing

What do influencers want from brands and what do marketers want from influencers?

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity as marketers are faced with the challenge of engaging their target audience online, especially since the pandemic.

The value is clear for brands and there is clear understanding of the objectives that brands are working towards, but what do the influencers want?

Onalytica surveyed ~350 B2B influencers to learn of their experiences and preferences when working with brands, from sectors such as Tech, Finance, Healthcare, Education and Energy, making this the most comprehensive survey of its kind.

Communication is the key to any successful partnership to lay out expectations, preferences and goals right at the start to ensure maximum success. This survey lays all cards out on the table so that both brands and influencers know what each party wants.

Key trends found in this report are:

  1. Always-on campaigns are far more successful for both influencers and marketers compared with one-off campaigns.
  2. Quality of outreach and research are very important and strongly linked to campaign success.
  3. Influencers prefer to be contacted by Senior Execs and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), highlighting the power of connecting influencer marketing andb employee advocacy.
  4. Most industries have seen no changes or increased work being the key trend throughout the pandemic – highlighting the increasing need for influencers.

Download this report to gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can nuture a successful influencer relationship.

49% of influencers have seen their work increase since the start of the pandemic

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