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The era of precision demand marketing

Let’s face it: 2020 flipped B2B marketing upside down and around again. And our B2B buyers are now holding all the cards – as they should.

The way they research, evaluate, and make purchase decisions has fundamentally changed. Buyers expect marketers to deliver a qualitatively different experience than ever before.

Tried-and-true strategies like ABM and traditional demand gen no longer serve up enough of the right mojo to deliver on pipeline and revenue. Marketers who want to stand out and succeed in this era need to tap into a kind of x-level efficiency and precision we’ve not seen before.

The good news is there is a way to meet your buyers where they are. Welcome to precision demand marketing.

In this Get Stacked session, Chris introduces why the era of precision demand marketing has arrived and how, as B2B marketers, we can respond, with practical insights and ideas on how to:

  • Target & identify in-market accounts
  • Connect your data, content and buyer journeys across channels
  • Activate those buyers that fit your ICP
  • Measure results to defend the spend


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