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The future of B2B events: Strategic importance of events elevated by two years of crisis

In this report, we spoke to event marketers, organisers, tech vendors, attendees and venue owners to learn more about what the future of B2B events look like. This is an abridged version of the full report, which is available only to Propolis members.

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The full report includes:

  • The CEO of ExCeL London breaks down exactly what he’s hearing from event organisers, and how ExCeL (and others) are adapting to meet these needs.
  • Frequent attendees of our own events let us know exactly what they do (and don’t) want from B2B events.
  • Senior marketers from Ricoh, InfoPro Digital and Deloitte UK explain their decision-making process behind running events – and whether they decide to go digital, hybrid or physical.
  • B2B Marketing lead analyst, Peter O’Neill, provides a detailed breakdown of the event tech vendor landscape, including what we can expect to see from vendors in the near future.

“There is a challenge around financial forecasting. But here is a question I’m sure everyone asks themselves at one point: are the fundamentals of exhibitions and congresses going to continue? What’s patently clear is that the answer is ‘yes.’ They’ve been running for 800 years. They’ve survived pestilence, floods, pandemics and wars. And they will continue to do so in the future because they add value”

Jeremy Rees, CEO, ExCeL London

B2B marketing report - the Future of B2B events

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