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The middle of your funnel is broken: Why leads aren’t everything and you need to align your content with self-serve buyer journeys – B2B Marketing

Content might be king, but if you’re focusing all of your content on the wrong people at the wrong time in the wrong place… its royal status doesn’t account for much.

This report takes a detailed look at why content marketing needs to be so much more than just generating leads downloading a report (yes, we know). Of course, this still plays an important role, but by only focusing your content at the bottom of the funnel, or even the top of funnel (i.e. brand awareness), you’re forgetting to connect with your audience during the their foray into the middle of the funnel. In other words, the exact time when they’re deciding whether or not to do business with you.

With that in mind, we spoke to five B2B content experts to help you understand:

  • The changing buyer journey, and what this means for you.
  • Which content works best at different stages of the funnel.
  • How to make your content go further, using technology.
  • The five common mistakes that marketers are making when it comes to content.

Download this report now to take your content marketing to the next step. Get ahead of your competitors with a sophisticated, targeted and results-driven content strategy.

“I was specifically brought into my company to develop a content strategy that would allow us to speak to our prospective customers at each specific stage of their buyer journey, ensure those prospects had the tools available to make an informed decision, and empower our own people to ultimately secure their business”

Dan Gray, head of content, Blick Rothenberg

B2B Marketing guide - Middle of your funnel is broken

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