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The State of Digital Content

The processes that make up digital content creation and management have never been more complicated. These workflows now need to accommodate remote workers and resources, worldwide offices, and security and privacy concerns, not to mention the growing need for content and creative teams to produce more content in less time.

These lofty content production goals are proving to be worthwhile for organizations that achieve them. Our research shows that as content production volume goes up, so does the increase in Return on Investment (ROI) on content. In fact, content and creative teams producing the most content were significantly more likely to have seen increases in ROI last year.

But producing enough content is a top challenge for creative teams, especially smaller teams (creative teams with 5 or fewer employees) who ranked it #2 on their list of top challenges associated with content and creative production. Producing enough content requires efficiency and workflow management, backed by the right technology and resources.

So how are content and creative teams currently executing production and managing their workflows? What is working and what isn’t when it comes to improving these efficiencies and successfully scaling content efforts? To answer these questions and more, we surveyed 643 professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom involved in the production, management, and/or strategy for content and creative assets at their organization. The research that follows takes a deep dive into the strategy, workflows, and technology that drives content and creative production.

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