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The untapped power of personalisation in B2B marketing

It’s time to start making it personal.

Personalisation is not new to the world of B2B marketing, but is it being used to its full potential? We recently carried out a 22-question survey with 122 B2B marketers, exploring where marketers are at in their personalisation efforts, how successful they think it is, what their biggest hurdles are, and more.

In this report, we consider:

  • How effective would you say your personalised marketing has been to date?
  • Which aspects of your marketing do you currently personalise?
  • Do you use personas? As part of your personalisation efforts or otherwise?
  • Would you say your personalisation efforts are having an impact on your revenue goals?
Webeo report

To see the results of the survey, and to read through our in-depth analysis of these results, download the report now.

Relevance is likely one of the most important elements of your marketing activity. But, how confident are you that your company’s message is relevant to your audience?

Chris Ashley- Manns, CMO, Webeo

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