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Guiding principles for marketing leadership in 2024 and beyond

In 2020, B2B Marketing reported on the transformation of the CMO role in response to Covid-19 and evolving behavioral trends, forecasting a shift towards marketing-led organizations by 2030. The report charted the evolution of today’s CMO from a specialist in marketing tactics to a pivotal figure steering company growth, now holding a prominent position at the executive table.

Since the initial report, this trend has persisted. Empowered by advanced technologies, marketers can gather more data to inform business strategies. Marketing now wields influence over a larger segment of the traditional funnel, aligning with buyers’ preference for online research over intrusive cold calls. As a result, marketing leaders bear heightened responsibility for their companies’ bottom line.

In this report, we interviewed various marketing directors, senior VPs marketing and CMOs from a plethora of industries, delving into the ongoing evolution of the role and its implications for marketing teams, strategies, and tactics. Want to find out the future of B2B marketing from a senior leadership perspective? Fill in your details in the box to the right and download the full report.

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