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From cost-centre to growth-driver: How can leaders future-proof their marketing department?

Roundtable invitation:

  • Date: Wednesday 21st February 2024
  • Time: 8:45am – 10:30am
  • Location: B2B Marketing, Westgate House 9, London EC1N 2LL, UK. 

For what seemed like a lifetime, marketing was once seen as a cost for businesses. A nice-to-have department that could make your product or service look or sound better than it was, but definitely not a mission-critical department.

Whilst some of these sceptics may still exist, there is an
undeniable mountain of evidence that demonstrates that when the marketing set-up is optimised it can help drive millions in revenue for a business and deliver a more cost-efficient operation. As our annual B2B Marketing Awards demonstrate, B2B marketers are capable of being the difference-makers for their businesses.

In this roundtable, senior B2B marketing leaders will get together to have an open and honest conversation about the organisational set-ups, barriers and ways of working that stop them from being as effective as they want to be, as well as the methods they’ve put in place that ensure marketing is helping unlock potential has its rightful place in an organisation (at the top). This roundtable is a must for any marketing leader looking to:

  1. Understand the challenges that their peers face when it comes to delivering marketing.
  2. Learn how marketing leaders have found effective ways of producing marketing that saves times + money, adds value, upskills their team and allows them to focus on other core business priorities.
  3. Share insights and ideas around how marketing leaders can continue to evolve and adapt their marketing set-up.

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Hosted by: 

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David Rowlands

 Head of Content, B2B Marketing

Having learnt my trade as the Editor of a print magazine for the liquefied natural gas industry, I moved to B2B Marketing in 2020, gradually making my way to Head of Content. In addition to the classic writing and editing you might expect from someone in my position, I am also a host, having chaired webinars with agencies and vendors, roundtables with leading c-suite B2B marketers, The B2B Marketing Podcast, and even the digital versions of our various conferences in the UK and US.


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