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Winning Gold: Sharper’s B2B Lead Gen Campaign for Proact & NetApp

Sharper won Gold at the B2B Marketing Awards for their work with Proact and NetApp in the IT solutions space. In this case study, you’ll learn the secrets behind how Sharper to find out how they achieved success and what you can learn from their approach.

In the highly congested IT solutions space, staying front of mind to engage with your target audience is vital. Yes, the ‘tried and tested’ B2B marketing approach of whitepapers and webinars can do that, sure. But as you know, its ability to cut through the noise and deliver the results needed is rapidly dwindling.
Proact and NetApp needed to cut through the noise with a wonderfully creative campaign. And who better to help them than the award-winning agency, Sharper B2B?

In this case study, you’ll learn the secrets behind how Sharper won ‘Best demand or lead generation campaign’ at the B2B Marketing Awards.

Download now to see how they created a campaign that

  • was seen by some half a million people
  • went viral on LinkedIn, delivered 65 opportunities (not just MQLs, actual opportunities) in the space of just a few weeks
  • did it all with an ROI of 1:267 – a true testament to the power of creativity.

“This campaign surpassed every expectation we had for it. Creative and clever, it delivered far more than we ever thought it would. Bravo Shaper”
Ben Walker, head of marketing, Proact

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