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Mastering B2B Marketing in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector has certainly shifted in the last few years. From the pandemic to a shift to digital, marketing leaders have had to pivot their strategies at the drop of a hat. In an ever-changing market, that trend continues as the healthcare industry evolves in 2024.

What is the data behind this conclusion? Our Propolis Community Index indicates that healthcare marketing teams have a budget that equals 6% of their overall revenue target and are spending more than other sectors such as technology and professional services. Compared to the wider industry, that’s quite significant. Want to find out why that is alongside some other juicy real-time insights?

In this webinar, we are going to be unveiling some of the latest data from our Propolis Community Index Report on the B2B healthcare industry. We will be joined by Kate Rodgers, Global Brand Media Director at GE Healthcare, and Rebecca Goplin, Senior Director of Marketing at PlatformQ Health, as we chat through:

  • Why healthcare marketing teams might have more robust budgets than other B2B sectors.
  • How healthcare marketers are using third-party support for activities such as content marketing, demand generation, and ABM.
  • Why customer retention might not be a top priority for healthcare marketers and what that says about the industry.
  • What trends can we expect in the healthcare sector and how should marketers be preparing for these changes?

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