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Pipeline’s secret weapon: Full-funnel marketing (and how to prove it)

To get to grips with the importance of full-funnel marketing, B2B Marketing interviewed over 200 B2B marketers alongside a number of interviews with senior marketers and subject matter experts.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. The past few years have witnessed seismic transformations in the ways we do business and what success looks like. Customer expectations have skyrocketed to new heights, and it’s harder than ever to cut through the noise and seamlessly push them through the funnel.

This isn’t set to change. Quite the opposite. As we enter a looming recession and bear market, marketers need to ensure long-term, durable growth.

So, how can they do this?

Full funnel marketing.

Download this report to learn:

  • The role of brand and in impacting performance marketing and its relationship to driving demand, revenue and long-term growth.
  • What’s happening to budget in the face of a recession.
  • The split between short- and long-term strategy.
  • The dangers of short-termism in a bear market – and how to overcome them and build a brand that will stand the test of time.

“When the upturn inevitably comes, those reticent brands will have lost ground on competitors who held tight and have invested in brand”

Dr. Darren Coleman, Propolis Expert

B2B Marketing guide: Pipeline’s secret weapon: Full-funnel marketing (and how to prove it)

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