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Best Practice Briefings

Becoming a Convincing Commercial Brand Marketer

Hosted by Propolis Brand Expert Darren Coleman

Learn the principals on how to sway the C-suite to invest in your brand.

Transform your challenge into a triumph: senior marketers often encounter the formidable task of persuading the C-suite to commit to long-term brand development. The elusive nature of branding can make this mission seem daunting. According to research by the Financial Times in 2020, C-suite executives who grasp the concept of branding are rare, complicating the role of brand marketers further.

However, it’s not all daunting news. While there’s no instant fix, adopting certain principles can empower you to emerge as a persuasive and business-savvy brand marketer, capable of guiding the C-suite towards meaningful investment in branding.

Introducing our Best Practice Briefing, designed to elevate you into a more influential B2B brand marketer by equipping you with strategies to:

  • Craft a narrative that resonates.
  • Effectively navigate the complexities of C-suite dynamics.
  • Adopt a rigorous, data-driven approach.
  • Highlight the risks associated with an excessive focus on ROI.
  • Ground your strategies in proven, empirical brand evidence, steering clear of transient marketing trends.
  • Recognize your brand’s financial value on the balance sheet.
  • Implement a practical management tool aimed at fostering a comprehensive understanding of the commercial realities involved in brand development and management.

Embrace these guiding principles to navigate the intricacies of brand marketing with confidence and convince your C-suite of the invaluable, long-term benefits of investing in your brand.

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This is one of eight virtual Best Practice Briefings produced every quarter by the Propolis Experts, each designed to build on team skill sets or address a common challenge through key practical guidance. The full set of Best Practice Briefings is available exclusively to Propolis members.

Darren Coleman

Brand Expert, B2B Marketing

This blog was written by Darren Coleman brand expert with Propolis from B2B Marketing.

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