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Building Sustainable, High Performing and Diverse Marketing Teams

Written by Propolis Experts

The five-step model to creating diverse and inclusive teams from auditing to advocating.

Diversity & inclusion isn’t a fad or the latest business initiative. It’s not a tick box exercise and it’s so much more than the now annual reporting requirements of disparity in pay. Savvy businesses realise that Diversity & inclusion is not to be ignored – quite the opposite, as more evidence shows the triple bottom line benefits that a diverse and inclusive culture can bring. Statistics show that diverse and inclusive teams demonstrate increased team morale, innovation, performance, and productivity; and better decision making – all leading to a more efficient and profitable business.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion is more than delivering cultural and social impact it’s also about delivering business value. Therefore, I suggest it should be front and centre in our plans to build sustainable and high performing marketing teams – one day maybe we won’t have to architect diversity, equality, and inclusion in, it will be just how we operate naturally.

Our model sets out a method for organisations to review, refine, and develop inclusion practices to build a truly inclusive culture.

Before diving into the model it’s worth having some definitions in mind:

  • Diversity is about recognising difference and acknowledging the benefits of having a mix of people and their range of perspectives and experiences. Difference is good.
  • Equality is about ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual. Everyone should be treated fairly, and the Equality Act 2010 is often cited.
  • Inclusion encourages collaborative working and allows for all people to be included, feel welcomed, appreciated, and safe to express who they are. An organisation with an inclusive culture allows employees to think and do things differently, freely share diverse perspectives and experiences enriching those around them.

The core aims of the model is to

  • better understand your current diversity & inclusion position
  • establish ways to create an environment where people feel a sense of belonging when they come to work where they feel respected and valued for their unique difference
  • to address Diversity & Inclusion in the context of improving marketing and marketing team performance



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