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Insights from the Community Index: A Full Year of B2B Marketing Metrics

Written by Kavita Singh, Senior Editor, B2B Marketing

Marketing budgets have increased, but how are they being spent?

In August 2023, we launched the Community Index, a real-time dashboard of B2B marketing metrics, designed specifically for the global community of B2B marketers within Propolis. Over the past year, we’ve collected extensive data on B2B marketing budgets, spending, ROI, customer acquisition, retention, team structures, and more. This comprehensive data provides a clear picture of how B2B marketing teams allocate their budgets, their spending strategies, and the impact they’re achieving.

Key Findings: A Year in Review
Nearly a year after the launch, we’ve gathered valuable insights into the state of B2B marketing. Our latest report, compiled by Kavita Singh, Senior Content Editor, features interviews with senior marketing leaders from prominent companies like Virgin Media O2 Business and Wipro. This report addresses critical questions such as:

  1. Changes in B2B Marketing Budgets:
    • Discover how B2B marketing budgets have evolved over the past year.
    • Learn how your peers are allocating their time and resources.
  2. Agency Utilization:
    • Understand how B2B marketers are leveraging agencies.
    • Identify areas where agencies are not being utilized.
  3. Return on Investment:
    • Find out where B2B marketers are seeing the greatest ROI.
  4. Team Structures in 2024:
    • Get insights into the current structure and size of B2B marketing teams.
    • Explore trends in team size and organizational changes.

What Have We Learned?

  • Budget Trends: Are B2B marketing budgets increasing or decreasing?
  • Spending Patterns: Are marketers investing more in brand building or cutting back?
  • ABM Trends: Is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) gaining momentum or losing ground?
  • Customer Acquisition: Are marketers finding it easier or harder to acquire new customers?

Download the Full Report
For an in-depth analysis and detailed findings, download the full report now. Gain access to exclusive insights from industry leaders and learn how to optimize your B2B marketing strategy for maximum impact.

The Community Index has provided invaluable data over the past year, helping B2B marketers make informed decisions. By understanding budget trends, agency utilization, ROI, and team structures, you can better navigate the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the insights and strategies shared by top marketing leaders in our comprehensive report.

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