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Employee Experience for Cultivating Excellence & Leadership

Written by Propolis Expert Barbara Stewart

Discover the strategic approach to cultivating excellence and leadership within your teams with our “EXCEL” framework.

In the post-COVID-19 business environment, the key to sustaining high-performing teams and achieving organizational success lies in optimizing the ’employee experience’ (EX). Introducing the ‘EXCEL framework,’ a strategic approach to nurturing excellence and leadership within teams.

Why Employee Experience Matters

The employee experience encompasses every interaction an employee has with an organization, from recruitment to exit. It’s more than satisfaction or engagement; it’s about creating an environment where employees can thrive, innovate, and feel valued. A robust EX strategy can enhance productivity, and retention rates, and foster a more cohesive team environment.

The EXCEL Framework Explained

Empowerment: Encouraging employees to make decisions and take action independently, fostering innovation and agility.

X-Factor Identification: Recognizing and nurturing individual talents to enhance team dynamics and productivity.

Collaboration: Promoting open communication and teamwork, as collaborative teams tend to be more effective and innovative.

Employee Development: Offering diverse learning opportunities for continuous growth and a skilled workforce.

Leadership & Culture: Effective leadership and a positive culture are crucial for a thriving employee experience. Leadership should embody and promote organizational values.

Implementing the EXCEL Framework

Adopting the EXCEL framework requires continual assessment and refinement of employee experience strategies. Evaluate current practices, identify strengths, areas needing improvement, and engage employees through surveys and feedback sessions.

Feedback & Adoption

Recognizing the dynamic nature of EX, maintaining open communication between employees and management is crucial. Regular surveys and feedback mechanisms capture employee sentiment, aiding in strategy refinement and maintaining a responsive environment aligned with organizational goals.


The EXCEL framework prioritizes employees at the core of organizational success. By focusing on empowerment, talent recognition, collaboration, development, leadership, and feedback, businesses can unleash their teams’ full potential in today’s competitive landscape.


Download the accompanying model that depicts the exact EXCEL format and use it on the go!


This is one of eight models and guides produced every quarter by the Propolis Experts, each designed to help develop knowledge and drive efficiencies across your marketing campaigns. The full set of models and guides is available exclusively to Propolis members.

Barbara Stewart

Customer Experience Expert, B2B Marketing

Barbara Stewart is the Customer Experience Expert for Propolis, the global community for B2B marketing leaders.

Throughout her 18 year career she has worked across most sectors, including FMCG, travel, financial services, healthcare, real estate, software & tech, public sector, retail & telco business of all shapes and sizes. She is passionate end-to-end Customer Experience and is a Marketing consultant with a knack for distilling complexity into simplicity.

Barbara is one of seven Experts on hand for Propolis members to access at any time offering impartial, trusted advice that is tailored to their specific business needs.

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