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International Marketing Organization Structures

Written by Propolis Expert Shane Redding

How should a high performing marketing team be structured, run, and fit within an organisation with an international or global operation and footprint?

This model looks at different structures and operating models for the marketing department depending on the type of organisation and was developed by two experts on Propolis, B2B Marketing’s community intelligence platform.

The key types of organisation are:
– National
– International
– Global
– Glocal

The model provides a framework for how to best structure marketing in different organisations looking at key aspects such as marketing strategy, budgeting, production and use of resources.

This model was jointly developed by Shane Redding and Scott Stockwell, both strategy and evolution experts at Propolis. There are 30 such experts on hand to share their expertise and experience as well as offer 121-support on Propolis, a community intelligence platform that enables B2B marketers to enhance strategy, build a world-class marketing function and deliver tangible ROI. Joining Propolis also gives you access to a raft of tools, guides and best practices to drive and execute innovation as well as live and on-demand training, workshops roundtables and briefings.



This is one of eight models and guides produced every quarter by the Propolis Experts, each designed to help develop knowledge and drive efficiencies across your marketing campaigns. The full set of models and guides is available exclusively to Propolis members.

Shane Redding

Strategy and Evolution Expert, B2B Marketing

Shane Redding is the Strategy and Evolution Expert for Propolis, the global community for B2B marketing leaders.

Shane is an independent consultant and expert trainer on strategic marketing and digital transformation with 30 years experience. Shane uses her skills, network and knowledge to help global businesses transform their marketing by choosing and implementing strategies that work for them and their customers. Her global clients include Ebay, Sika Group AG, Maersk Drilling and United Nations ITU division.

Shane is one of seven Experts on hand for Propolis members to access at any time offering impartial, trusted advice that is tailored to their specific business needs. Whether it’s help with enhancing their marketing strategy or working through a specific challenge, Propolis members can save an average £30k a year working directly with the Experts instead of using external consultants.

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